Open gallery and live performances from 3 of Colorado’s best contemporary video artists.

uap gallery live video art

7pm-9pm, UAP Gallery, 115 E 4th St, Loveland, CO

Open to the public, refreshments served.  Doors open at 6pm.

Phillip David Stearns: SYN/ACK

Using a combination of custom software and single board computers, offensive cybersecurity tools are transformed into an audio-visual experience. Port scans, vulnerability exploits, wifi packet sniffing, deauthorization attacks, ping scans, brute force ssh login attacks and more are used to generate network activity that is converted directly into raw digital sound and terminal text in real-time. 

Phillip David Stearns is a Denver based artist whose practice deals with themes that include the impacts of contemporary information systems, electronics and communications technology, emerging materials and hybrid processes. Through playful experimentation, deconstruction, and reconfiguration, Phillip engages these themes to reveal the obscured or invisible, and give form to the intangible.  Instagram: @_pixelform_

Mary Elias Letera: I love you I hate you

Synthesized beats and digitally remixed found footage come together for a trance-inducing ritual called “I love you I hate you”. Cathartic dancing encouraged. 

Mary Elias Letera is a producer, technologist, and artist that weaves together sound and image.  Instagram: @Mary_elias_letera

DIGGERS: Pyramid Scheme / Headgames

Diggers is a reference to several counter cultural communities that existed between mercantile England and San Francisco in the 1960’s. This iteration of Diggers consists of Eric Barry Drasin and Sean Winters, featuring a series of works about failed cybernetic utopias. Through the use of networked media, aleatoric score, and performative feedback, Realtime media is contextualized as an interdependent and fluctuating psychic space; an extension bridging interior and exterior awareness. In this way, the mediated relationship between self and other can be sculpted through signal processing.

Eric Barry Drasin is a research-based artist and organizer exploring the relationship between art and Post-Capitalist imaginaries. Eric’s work is rooted in media ecology and performance. Using experimental media techniques and custom software systems, his performances and installations have explored how media can transform relationship. Eric has exhibited, performed and lectured internationally. Eric has been curating Realtime media performances in NYC since 2012, including Performing Systems, The Improvised Electronics Round Robin and the Confetti Machine Realtime Media Festival. Eric holds a BA from Purchase College, an MFA from University at Buffalo, and is currently pursuing a PhD at CU Boulder.   Instagram @ericbarrydrasin

Sean Winters is an audiovisual artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and hacker/technologist. As an audiovisual artist, collaborative highlights include working with Angie Eng, Kevin Sweet, Michael Theodore, John Gunther, Todd Reynolds & Luke Dubois, Eric Raynaud (aka Fraction), and Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins (at Roulette in Brooklyn). Sean holds a DMA in Composition & Emergent Technologies in Media Art Practices from CU Boulder, an MM in Composing for Film from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and a BM in Integrative Music Studies from Concordia University in Montréal.