Erin Fussell No Home Radio

No Home Radio – Erin Fussell, Installation, March 1 – 30, 2024

No Home Radio explores home finding through the lens of the California Case Study houses that were designed with cheap industrial materials, the home renter's crisis in Colorado, and the experience of living out of boxes or making your home through boxes ordered in the mail.

Sculptural works are made using cardboard boxes, house paint, and plaster of Paris that is made out of gypsum. A video filmed at White Sands National Monument dislocates where the white dunes are ever-moving gypsum sands much like that feeling of the artist moving from place to place, seeking home. Three lenticular prints shift from desert to ocean and back, what once was desert is now ocean or vice versa. When the desert was the ocean floor. Lie on the blue circle rug and stare up at a cardboard ceiling with a circle light and dream up a place to be. Be here now. A ladder draws the eye upwards (Eames house). The sound of static on the radio. Alienated, grounded. Home eternal. Home within.

The title No Home Radio riffs on Chantal Akerman’s No Home Movie.

About the artist

Erin Fussell (b. 1979, California, USA) is an artist working across disciplines that include video, installation, text, dance, photography, drawing, and sound. With an emphasis on process and time-based art, she mines her internal and external landscapes with the possibility of mediums and their relationships to each other, space, and ideas to spark wonder and thought for everyday living. Her work has been shown in art spaces and film festivals around the world. No Home Radio is the newest body of work that she made while working in suite 128 as resident studio artist at Artworks Center on Contemporary Art in Loveland, Colorado from October 2023 to January 2024. She is looking forward to the next adventure, wherever that might lead.

Opening party, Friday, March 8, 6-9 pm, part of Loveland’s Night on the Town Art Walk

Erin Fussell No Home Radio