Artist Brian Kane‘s latest sculpture and light art explores the permeable membrane between cyberspace and IRL.

Witty, thoughtful, and gorgeously DIY, Brian’s work pokes fun at our obsession with screentime — inviting us to become immersively AFK in a public gallery.

OMG Lawn on D
OMG! inflatable sculpture, 2016

Brian’s work ranges from inflatable sculpture to ‘memewear’, websites, computer software, painting,  photography, performance and video.

About Brian Kane:

Brian Kane is a designer and artist living in Loveland, CO. He received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 1987, where he taught Industrial Design, Digital Media, Apparel, and Film/Video from 2012 through 2019.  For 30 years, his interactive works have shown internationally in museums and galleries, and Kane’s pioneering real time video sampling techniques have influenced a generation of media artists. He’s been a creative director in the gaming industry and UX consultant for the financial and e-commerce industries.  Previously, Brian worked as a 3D designer and researcher for the holography and entertainment industries.

Brian is currently focused on AI Design and user experience, and has done talks and workshops including Institute for the Future, Devoxx, the Alexa Conference, Brown University, and MIT.  His primary focus is on creating engaging, fun, and usable new products and experiences using AI technology.

In 2016, Brian started the first AI Design course at RISD, and one of his class prototypes caught the attention of the internet, and was featured on the Discovery Channel as well as the Science Channel.

Recent exhibitions include Nuit Blanche, Toronto, MACBA, Barcelona, HDADD+, MFA Boston, #11.Art, Museo Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica, Brazil, Memery, MASS MoCA, People in Space, Shanghai World Expo, Late at Tate, Tate Britain, Big Chill, U.K., MediaLive, Boulder MoCA, and a 2010 solo show at Murphy and Dine, New York, NY.